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Love poured out - Good Friday

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2020GFWeb150Our afternoon liturgy is a meditation on the passion and death of the Lord. We begin listening to the words of Isaiah about the suffering servant on whom is laid the sin of all. We are struck by the brutality of the passion. We wonder at the depth of love of a God who gives up his own life that we might truly live.  We venerate the cross, not as a symbol of horrible death, but as a sign of the victory of God’s love; the end of one way of living and beginning of another. We pray with Christ’s spirit for the needs of the world. We receive again the Food that nourishes and strengthens us on our journey to Easter day.

Download our Celebrating At Home liturgy for today.

pdf Celebrating At Home for Good Friday [PDF] (240 KB)             
default Celebrating At Home for Good Friday [ePub] (772 KB)

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