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Washing feet, sharing bread - Holy Thursday

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2019HTOn this night we recall Jesus’ commandment to love one another, his washing of the disciples’ feet and the breaking of the bread of his own life, not just at table, but also on the altar of the Cross, for the healing and nourishment of the world. The liturgy on Holy Thursday is a meditation on the essential connection between the Eucharist and Christian love expressed in serving one another. Christ is not only present in the Eucharist but also in the deeds of loving kindness offered to others through us. We are the ones who make ‘real’ the presence of Jesus in every smile, kind word and loving action.

Download our Celebrating At Home liturgy for Holy Thursday.

pdf Celebrating At Home for Holy Thursday [PDF] (229 KB)
default Celebrating At Home for Holy Thursday [ePub] (759 KB)

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