Making a Decision

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It can be difficult at times to know exactly how to go about making a decision.
Here are some simple steps to guide your decision-making

Begin by acknowledging who I am before God at this point in my life.
At the start of this time I present myself before God with empty hands.

  • Clearly define the choices that lie before you.
  • Make a list of the pros and cons of each choice.
  • Take some quiet time and pray with this list.
  • What motives are drawing you to choose one choice over another?
  • Are these motives in line with you value system?
  • Are you now experiencing peace with the choice you made?
  • If not, share your experience with a trusted friend and ask some input.
  • Take some additional time to pray asking the Spirit for guidance.
  • When the right decision comes, peace and joy can be signs that the choice is right for you


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