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Celebrating at Home

Celebrating at Home is a Liturgy of the Word centred around the Gospel reading for each Sunday. It includes a reflection on the Gospel and prayers.

It can be used personally, with your family or in a small group. It may be particularly helpful to the many people who, for various reasons including sickness and infirmity, cannot physically attend the Eucharist. Even when we are on our own we remain part of the Body of Christ.

Parts for all to pray are given in bold print and all the other parts can be shared among those present.

We hope that Celebrating at Home will be a source of nourishment and strength for all who use it.

Click the links below to download the prayers and reflections for this coming Sunday. Feel free to share these resources widely.



 Remember, you are not alone - we are praying for you and your loved ones.

'The light shines in the darkness, a light that darkness could not overpower.' (John 1:5)

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Wednesday, 17 July 2024 12:14

Shepherding each other with God's love

In the Gospel Mark shows Jesus to be a true shepherd whose…
Thursday, 11 July 2024 12:15

Living sacraments of God's love

Like Amos, the disciples in the Gospel are ordinary men. None, not…
Thursday, 04 July 2024 11:57

True faith - seeing the sacred everywhere

Traditionally, the prophets in the Bible had a pretty tough time. Many…
Thursday, 27 June 2024 16:29

Being healing & life for each other

In the longer version of this Sunday’s gospel (Mk 5:21-43) Mark presents…
Thursday, 20 June 2024 10:50

Life in the Kingdom of God

In Mark’s Gospel the Kingdom is not something yet to come, it…
Thursday, 13 June 2024 10:11

What is the Kingdom of God like?

Parables are meant to leave the hearers wondering. They are not straight-forward…
Friday, 07 June 2024 20:39

The new family of Jesus

Today’s Gospel opens with the chaotic scene of a huge crowd gathered…
Thursday, 30 May 2024 16:16

The real presence of Jesus in us

We are very used to talking about the Real Presence of Jesus…
Thursday, 23 May 2024 15:13

God enfleshed in us

A quick look at the readings for today shows very clearly that…
Thursday, 16 May 2024 12:13

Sent to be God's love in the world

At Pentecost we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit to the…
Thursday, 09 May 2024 09:55

Called, chosen, sent to be God's heart

The feast of the Ascension commemorates the return of Jesus to the…
Friday, 03 May 2024 10:56

Love among us, Love within us

The Gospel today helps us understand that Jesus is our bond of…
Thursday, 25 April 2024 17:53

Jesus, true Vine, bearing fruit in us

We are still on the Easter journey. After the three day roller-coaster…
Thursday, 18 April 2024 10:25

The Good Shepherd lays down his life

The Fourth Sunday of Easter is often called “Good Shepherd Sunday” because…
“Peace be with you” - so important are these words of Jesus…
Thursday, 04 April 2024 15:29

A joyful meeting, doubts transformed

The Gospel of each Sunday of Easter is a meditation on Jesus…
Tuesday, 26 March 2024 15:01

An empty tomb, lives changed for ever

When someone dies, one of the things we often feel is their…
Tuesday, 26 March 2024 14:56

Love poured out

Our afternoon liturgy is a meditation on the passion and death of…
Tuesday, 26 March 2024 14:43

Washing feet & sharing bread

At mass tonight we recall Jesus’ commandment to love one another, his…
Thursday, 21 March 2024 10:58

Love revealed

In the person of Jesus, God emptied himself into a fragile, naked,…
Thursday, 14 March 2024 10:28

A new bond of love and life

The first reading this Sunday tells us that our journey to transfiguration…
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