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Happy Mothers' Day!

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MD1Web300Today is Mothers’ Day and I’ve been thinking about all the ways in which mothers are so important to us and cherished by us and how they embody many of the images in the Gospels of the last 3 Sundays: shepherds who help sheep become shepherds, vines which bring branches to life, friends who abide with us for ever.

Just as Jesus drew people to a new awareness of God presence, it’s often our mothers who are first to draw our attention to the presence of God. Even as small children, my mum began to make us aware of God’s presence in our world and is us. She had to deal with awkward theological questions like, “If God is here, why can’t I see him?” Mum gave us a simple language to talk to God in the form of very short prayers, like, ‘Good morning, God’ and ‘Good night, God’ to which we sometimes added, ‘Sleep well’, much to Mum’s amusement! Little by little she encouraged in us the Christian values and behaviours that belong to good human beings.

Someone once gave mum a prayer which began, ‘God of all the pots and pans.’ Mum loved it, not because she enjoyed housework - she didn't, but because it affirmed her sense that God was present in all the ordinary things of life, not just in Church. Her kitchen was a cathedral.

Mum’s approach to faith and religion was never piously sentimental. It was always grounded and real, practised in relationships and everyday activities. She was a wise guide, setting us on the right path in faith and in life. Even now, many years after mum died, she continues to be a source of wisdom and truth for me as I remember who she was and the things she said and did.

I think most mums are very like Jesus. So many times they have held us when we were troubled and afraid, shown us the way and gently spoken the truth to us. They have taught us how to love and be loved. They helped us practice forgiveness. They guided wisely. They gave us love and support. They proved true friends.

May they be richly blessed for the blessing they have been and still are for us. Here at Middle Park we will be remembering all mothers in our Mass and prayer this Sunday.

Download our Celebrating At Home liturgy for this Sunday.
It includes a special Prayer of Blessing for all Mothers which you might like to use as you gather to celebrate Mothers' Day.

Celebrating At Home Sixth Sunday of Easter [PDF]
Celebrating At Home Sixth Sunday of Easter [ePub]

Read the Gospel for this Sunday and the reflection here.

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