Friday, 05 February 2021 15:51

Sancta Sophia closes

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2021WCWeb150Last Sunday afternoon (31 January) over 100 people gathered for the closing ceremony for the Sancta Sophia Meditation community and the Carmelite House of Prayer at Warburton (VIC), and to honour the Meditation Community’s founders, Fr Ken Petersen and Sr Kathleen Murphy. Fr Ken passed away in June last year.  

The Carmelite House of Prayer was established some 43 years ago as part of a movement to encourage the contemplative life for people from various walks of life. Twenty five years ago, the House of Prayer became the home of the Sancta Sophia Meditation Community. The Community was founded to promote inter-religious dialogue, social justice and human dignity through the practice and teaching of meditation, days of prayer, retreats and spiritual counselling. In the words of Sr Kathleen, “We envisioned a life-giving community where the stranger would be welcomed.” The ‘Open Door’ of the community allowed those seeking counsel, inspiration and direction in their lives a safe place where they were not judged but received with openness and love. 


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