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Angelo Paoli, Carmelite

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2021BAPWeb400In a world known for its callous disregard for the poor and downtrodden, the example of Angelo Paoli is a refreshing breath of air. Angelo cared so well for his unfortunate brothers and sisters that he was known as ‘Father Charity’ or ‘Father of the Poor’. Fortunately, he did more than just act as one kind individual – he was an excellent motivator, who set many wheels of benevolence in motion at the dawn of the 18th century.

Born in 1642 in Tuscany, Angelo joined the Carmelites in 1660.

Moved by the plight of the poor and the sick in Rome, Angelo gathered a network of generous benefactors to feed and clothe them. He looked after the sick as well, caring for them in hospital and establishing a convalescent home where they could recover their strength before returning to family and work.

Two Popes wanted to reward him by making him a Cardinal, but Angelo refused. He had no desire and no time to be a prince of the Church. His love and care of those in need came first.

He died in 1720 at the age of 78 and was beatified in 2010. His favourite saying was: ‘Whoever wants to love God must search for him among the poor’.

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