Saturday, 06 June 2020 14:16

Love and Violence

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2020BLMWeb300All of us have been deeply shocked, not only by the needless death of George Floyd, but also by the ensuing violence which followed. Many have referred to a 'pandemic of racism' at the heart of discrimination, poverty and unequal human rights.  The violent arrest of a 16 year old Aboriginal youth was also deeply disturbing. It brought home to me that terrible things don't only happen in far away places; they happen here, too.

Pope Francis said, "We cannot tolerate or close our eyes to any kind of racism or exclusion and claim to defend the sacredness of every human life ... Nothing is gained by violence and much is lost."

Celebrating the Feast of the Trinity this Sunday, we are reflecting on a God who lives in a communion of love; whose love has reached out to touch humanity in every age and has been made visible in the person of Jesus Christ. Through the Holy Spirit that loves finds a home with and in human beings like you and me so that God can continue to touch the world with love, mercy, justice, compassion, hope and forgiveness.

There are 3 messages in the readings for today's feast: God is full of tenderness and compassion; God loved the world so much that he sent his Son, not to condemn, but to save; the God of love and peace lives and acts in the Christian community.

When we allow God’s heart to speak to ours in love we begin to absorb more of God’s life into our own. Our values and attitudes, our ways of looking at and being in the world start to change. We begin to see with God’s eyes and feel with God’s heart. We are being transformed. We become passionate about the things God is passionate about: speaking truthfully, acting with justice and integrity, looking out for each other and especially for the vulnerable, promoting peace and understanding, ending competition and discrimination, respecting life. That makes us better people and our lives become a blessing for each other and for the world.

We hold all those who are experiencing discrimination and fear in our hearts and our prayer today. 

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