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Ways of Seeing

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2019WOSWeb150The Carmelite Centre and Carmelite Library hosted three days of spiritual workshops last week 23-25 May on ‘Ways of Seeing’. Over the days 46 people attended workshops of their choosing on topics such as calligraphy, art journaling, the body and spirituality, creative expression in spiritual practice, iconography, visual art as contemplation, poetry, mandala making, aboriginal art form, Christian faith as mode of seeing and chant and scripture. The library and meeting rooms were a buzz with energy and creativity with people actively participating in these opportunities. 

The Carmelite Centre “Ways of Seeing: Three days of Spiritual Workshops” was for me a real delight for the senses, the heart and the spirit. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the wide range of presentations over the three days, and the variety of personal practices and creative spiritual experiences that the different presenters shared with us.   The sessions enabled me to connect more deeply to my own inner spiritual journey in creative, reflective and expressive ways, and provided a unique opportunity to witness and share in the personal spiritual experiences of others, including the presenters and other participants.  The Symposium has definitely provided me with rich resources, some familiar and others less so, in the form of creative modalities and spiritual practices, through which to further seek and explore my connection to the Sacred and the Divine.  I am most grateful to the Carmelite Centre and the Carmelite Library for hosting such a wonderful event – a truly special experience!

Angela Gallipoli

The annual symposium at the Carmelite centre never fails those attending. Over two and a half days we explored enspirited art and were encouraged in our own creative pursuits. While we gathered, individuals from the Seraphim Icon Group created icons. Contemplative engagement was an important process to reflect in the various sessions such as the extraordinary output of Odilin Redon as an Aid to Contemplation opening doors into a relatively unfamiliar maker of great works. We were invited to find an image that spoke to us and to sit with in in contemplation – how enriching! Art Journaling and other practices were invited into the possibilities of our daily connection with the Divine. Another session on the Body and Spirituality embodied the spirit – Incarnation, Communion and transcendence, showing us how holy community can celebrate a joyous presence. So much good in one symposium! I’m looking forward to the 2020 offering.

David Buller

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