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Nine Days of Prayer for the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

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LaBruna4Making a novena (from the Latin for nine) has a long tradition in the Church. Typically, it means nine successive days of prayer. Each year, on the nine days before the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (7-15 July), Carmelites offer their prayers for those in need. We are encouraged in our prayer by Fr Fernando (Carmelite Prior General) who says:

“At this time of profound economic crisis, of unceasing violence, of flagrant inequalities, I believe that we too, as people devoted to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, are called to bring freedom to those who suffer the purgatories of our times - hunger, unemployment, war, terrorism, drugs, depression, loneliness, poor education, exploitation and abuse. Our devotion to Mary makes us more sensitive to the most forgotten of our brothers and sisters. It makes us more human, more compassionate, more understanding and more in solidarity with others. Compassion is perhaps the greatest test of the authenticity of our devotion to Mary.”

As part of our Carmelite Family, we invite you to pray with us using the intentions and prayers below.

July 7: Peace in our world
Peace in our world depends on the depth of the desire for peace in every human heart.
Mary, because you desired reconciliation and peace between humanity and God, you were able, through grace and the Holy Spirit to bring the Lord of Peace into our world. Teach us to be people of true peace.

July 8: Freedom from war, slavery and oppression
When the human heart is enslaved by its own selfishness it is not capable of working towards any kind of freedom.
Mary, by giving your will to God you allowed Him to work freely in you and through you. Teach us what true freedom is.

July 9: All families
The capacity to love and be loved creates families.
Mary, by allowing God to be born through you, you have become the Mother of the whole human race. Teach us to love and support all families unconditionally.

July 10: Victims of violence and abuse
The innocent victims of violence and abuse hold a special place in the heart of The One Who suffered all for all.
Mary, you watched Jesus your son as He suffered all the abuse and violence that humans are capable of and you suffered with Him with every fibre of your being. Teach our hearts to be sensitive to, and to suffer with all victims of violence and abuse.

July 11: Young people
Young people are the hope and future of our Church and nation.
Mary in your youth you gave yourself completely to God. Teach us to live our faith in a way that will attract young people to your Son.

July 12: The Elderly
The wisdom that can only be learnt from experiences of life is found in our elderly.
Mary, your elderly parents Anne and Joachim were your first teachers of the ways of God and His wisdom. Teach us to love, respect and cater generously for all the elderly, especially those who have touched our lives with their wisdom.

July 13: Christians everywhere
The Good News of Christ has spread and formed Christians in most nations and cultures.
Mary, your motherhood does not set up boundaries between nations and cultures. Help us to accept and encourage the worship of your Son by people of all cultures according to their customs.

July 14: The sick
Suffering because of sickness is a sorrowful mystery of our human condition.
Mary, your son Jesus has great compassion for the sick and has, during His life on earth and right up until today, healed many, especially through your intercession. Please continue always to intercede for all our sick and help us to accept God’s will for them.

July 15: Our deceased loved ones
To be separated from loved ones is always difficult. When death is the separator only our faith is able to provide hope and healing.
Mary you suffered greatly when you held the lifeless body of your Son in your arms, yet you did not doubt for a moment in His Resurrection. Intercede with us for all our loved ones who have died, that they may enjoy forever the promises of the Risen Lord.

Teresa Paradowski, TOC

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