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Zumalai Schools roofing project

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2021ZSRWeb400When Cyclone Seroja’s high winds and torrential rain hit Timor over the Easter long weekend, communities throughout the country experienced a big storm sustained over several days. While there was no severe flooding in Zumalai sub-district, which is on the south coast of East Timor, there was still damage caused to farming land and several schools.

Three Catholic primary schools in Zumalai are linked through a network of schools with one principal, Carmelite Br Antonio Olavio Exposto. When Br Antonio described the extent of the storm damage at two of those schools, Carmel Impact was able to develop a School Roofing Project to respond to the need.

High winds caused some of the corrugated iron roofing to come loose, rain leaked into classrooms and staffrooms, causing damage to the ceilings and walls. Work is now being done at the schools in Raimea village and Beco village to replace the rooves so there are no more leaks. Water damaged cement walls are also being repaired and painted, and ceilings inside classrooms and along verandas are being replaced.

This project is employing local labourers, many of whom have lost a lot of work and income due to Covid-19 lockdowns. In addition, teachers from the two schools have been volunteering, working together to make sure this project can be completed so that students have a safe place to attend school. Donate here

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