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2018SRFWeb150Three of our young Carmelites in Melbourne, Brs Agedo Bento, Martinho Da Cruz Lemos and Avelino Dos Santos, recently joined other members of the East Timorese community to raise funds for the Bairo Pite medical clinic in Dili. The clinic, founded in 1999, had been treating up to 300 patients a day before the funding crisis hit earlier this month. The crisis has caused the clinic to cancel its malnutrition. maternal care and inpatient services.

Agedo, Martinho and Avelino put on a program of Timorese music and songs as part of the fundraising effort. More photos.

2018AHWeb150Dozens of Bishops from across Australia will gather to celebrate Mass on 6 May at St Patrick’s, Church Hill to mark the 200th anniversary of the preservation of the Blessed Sacrament in the home of Lay Carmelite, James Dempsey. 

Father Jeremiah O’Flynn arrived in Sydney as unofficial chaplain to the Catholic community at the end of 1817. When after six months no official papers for him had arrived, he was deported. Whether by accident or design, he left a consecrated host behind in a pyx in either the home of William Davis or James Dempsey (or possibly both), according to The Catholic Weekly.

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Carmel Contact - latest issue

CC106Web150Welcome to the latest issue of our newsletter.

The Gift of New Life - the difference is you!
Serving outback & Indigenous communities in FNQ
Coming together for Timor-Leste
A Gift of a Lifetime

pdf CC No 106 April 2018 (1.36 MB)

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JPIC Newsletter for May

JPIC75We offer you our May newsletter in a slightly different format! 

The symbols of Australia and Timor-Leste are used to illustrate the difficulties encountered by our neighbour Timor-Leste in developing its independence and the struggle for recognition of its sovereignty over maritime borders.

This is a story you can listen to or read.

pdf JPIC No 75 May 2018 (1.16 MB)

2018CKWeb150'The Crocodile and the Kangaroo' is the story of the relationship between Timor-Leste and Australia written by Br Agedo Bento, OCarm. The story is told by the Crocodile (national symbol of Timor-Leste) and the Kangaroo (national symbol of Australia). It focusses on the negotiations between Timor-Leste and Australia over a just share of oil and gas reserves in the Timor Sea.

Click here to listen to the story.

2018UNIVWeb150Our Carmelite Liturgical Calendar and the Liturgy of the Hours for Carmelite celebrations are now available on the Universalis app for your smart phone and tablet.

Over the past few months Carmelite Communications has been working with Universalis to produce the Carmelite calendar and breviary in English. Some Scripture readings are yet to be added. “Eventually, we hope to add texts for the readings and prayers from the Carmelite Missal as well,” Fr David Hofman (Director, Carmelite Communications) said.

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