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ElijahStatueTopToday is the Solemnity of the Prophet Elijah. Carmelites look to Elijah as an inspiration for their way of life.

The first Carmelites settled on Mount Carmel in Palestine near the spring of Elijah. It was on Mount Carmel where Elijah challenged the people to stop hobbling first on one foot and then on the other but to choose who is God in Israel - Yahweh or Baal. According to the story, which can be found in the First Book of Kings, chapter 18, Elijah's sacrifice was consumed by fire from heaven which proved to the people that Yahweh was the true God.

Elijah made himself available for God's work and was sent into various situations to proclaim God's word. On Mt Horeb God became present to Elijah, not with the signs usual in the Old Testament of fire, earthquake and mighty wind, but in the sound of a gentle breeze.

From Elijah, Carmelites learn to listen for the voice of God in the unexpected and in silence. We seek to allow the Word of God to shape our minds and hearts and to become channels of God’s tender love for all.

LaBruna4Today is the Solemnity of Our Lady of Mt Carmel, the Carmelites' principal feast day.

The first hermits on Mount Carmel built a church in the middle of their cells which was the centre of their lives where they gathered each day to pray and celebrate Mass together.

They named their church in honour of Our Lady, taking her as their patroness, promising her their faithful service and expecting her protection and favour.

That's why Carmelite friars are officially known as the "Brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel".

“Carmelites see in Mary the perfect image of all that we want and hope to be as the brothers and sisters of her Son.” (Carmelite Constitutions)

Read the Prior General's letter for the feast day here.

Sunday, 12 July 2015 13:59

Convite - You're invited...

SP2015Web200On Saturday 18 July 5 young Timorese Carmelites will make their solemn Profession (life commitment) in the Order.

Among them is Br Januario Pinto who has been completing his ministerial studies in Australia for the past two and a half years.

Also making their Solemn Profession are: Br Donato de Jesus Marçal, Br Agostinho Exposto (who recently completed a 3 month English course in Melbourne), Br Carlito da Silva and Br Pedro Amaral.

The Solemn Professions will take place during Mass at the São Elias Carmelite Community in Hera, Timor Leste.

You can downlaod a copy of the invitation pdf here (851 KB) .

OLMCIconFr Fernando Millián (Prior General of the Carmelites) has written a special message to the whole Order as we approach the Novena and Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

In his letter the Prior General addresses the important event of the year of the Consecrated life and three great figures of Carmel whom we celebrate this year, and who had great devotion to Our Lady of Mount Carmel: St Teresa of Jesus on the 5th centenary of her birth; St Simon Stock on the 750th anniversary of his death, and Bl. Bishop Oscar Romero, who was beatified in May this year.

For the full text of fr Fernando's letter click the "read more" link below.

Click here for the Novena Prayer for each day from 7 - 15 July.

The prayers will also be available each day on our social media sites: Facebook & Twitter.

LaBruna4Making a novena (from the Latin for nine) has a long tradition in the Church. Typically, it means nine successive days of prayer. Each year, on the nine days before the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, (7-15 July) Carmelites offer their prayers for those in need.

For the first time we will post the prayer for each day of the Novena from 7 July on our social media sites Facebook, Twitter, & Tumblr. The prayers are also available by clicking the 'Read more' link below.

We are encouraged in our prayer by Fr Fernando (Carmelite Prior General) who says:

“I believe that we too, as people devoted to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, are called to bring freedom to those who suffer the purgatories of our times - hunger, unemployment, war, terrorism, drugs, depression, loneliness, poor education, exploitation and abuse."

Thursday, 02 July 2015 15:34

Celebrating 70 years of Mothers' Mass

MM2015Web200This year we will be celebrating the 70th annual Mothers’ Mass at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Middle Park (VIC).

Mass celebrating the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (16 July) was originally offered for all Australians serving or killed during World War II.

With the dawn of peace in 1945 this Mass was then offered for all mothers, living and deceased.


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