Monday, 17 September 2018 15:11

Six Australians at Carmelite Family Congress

2018CFCWeb150Damien Peile (Carmelite Family Delegate), Irene Hayes (Carmelite Centre Director), Chris Wade (Lay Carmelite Moderator) and Ann Baumber, Bernie Howe and Maria Howe (Lay Carmelites) are attending the Congress of Carmelite Laity at Sassone, Italy. The focus of the Congress is the role of Mary in bringing us to Jesus.

At the beginning of the Congress, Archbishop Antonio Muniz, OCarm. (Brazil) reflected on his own experience of ‘always being a Carmelite’ ...

Monday, 17 September 2018 15:07

Fr Ken Celebrates

2018FKCWeb150Fr Ken Petersen recently celebrated both his 80th birthday and 50th anniversary of Ordination. Family, friends and Carmelites gathered on Sunday 16 September to celebrate these milestones with Ken.

In his homily at Mass, Fr Paul Cahill (Prior Provincial) said that living in, witnessing to, proclaiming, giving thanks for and inviting others to experience the presence of God has been the hallmark of Ken’s life and ministry. Congratulations, Ken!

Saturday, 15 September 2018 17:45

New Zumalai Church Opens

2018OZCWeb150On 31 August Bishop Norberto do Amaral (Maliana Diocese) blessed and opened the new Church in our parish at Zumalai in Timor-Leste. As usual the celebrations began the day before with a welcome to the Bishop and to Fr Paul Cahill (Prior Provincial) and other dignitaries. After the welcome Bishop Norberto and Fr Paul and the people toured the new Church. The following day Bishop Norberto celebrated the Mass of Blessing together with Fr Paul, Fr Manuel Almeida Da Costa (Parish Priest), Aniçeto Maia Da Costa (Timor-Leste Delegate) and Carmelite and Diocesan priests. See more photos

Friday, 14 September 2018 15:18

Dachau Carmelites Honoured

2018DMPWeb150A plaque commemorating the ten Carmelites who died in Dachau Concentration Camp was unveiled by Fr Fernando Millán Romeral (Prior General) during the International Course for young Carmelites in August.

The plaque sits in the camp's Memorial Centre among many others commemorating those who died. Blesseds Titus Brandsma and Hilary Januszewski are among the 8 Poles and 2 Dutch whose names are recorded on the plaque.

2018ICTB5Web150Welcome to the final issue of our newsletter covering the International Student Course in Holland Germany. In this issue, José, Francisco and Matthew are visiting Dachau Concentration Camp where Blessed Titus Brandsma died in 1942. Back in Munich for the final day the young Carmelites were led through a day of reflection on their experiences.

pdf International Course Titus Brandsma 5 (4.06 MB)

Friday, 14 September 2018 13:06

Facebook takes off!

2018120KFOFWeb150Over 124,000 people are now part of our Facebook Family! And over 22,500 people in Timor-Leste are now following us. Through our Facebook page people regularly ask us to pray for their needs, view our news and download our publications. We also have over 747 followers on Instagram. See the full size images of our 120k and 700 posts here.

Find us on and and click on ‘follow’ so you can see all our posts in your news feed.

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