Agape Leona Helps Human Trafficking Survivors In Africa

Carmelite NGO and the International JPIC Commission are dedicated to their work of eliminating Human Trafficking throughout the world.

This video shows the work in Zimbabwe through the Carmelite sisters in a project called AGAPE Leona:   

Meet women survivors of human trafficking who are rebuilding their lives, thanks to Agape Leona, an initiative of the Carmelite NGO in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The stories of Shamiso, Olivia, Sibongile and Mukai represent thousands of African trafficking victims.

Agape Leona rescues survivors and helps them recover and build new lives, offering training in job skills and self-sufficiency. The program works with about 50 survivors and hopes to reach even more. Agape Leona networks with other organizations such as the African Forum for Catholic Social Teaching (AFCAST) to raise awareness and prevent others from becoming victims.

Human trafficking is a major problem in Zimbabwe, with victims often taken to middle eastern countries for forced labor. In 2017, the U.S. State Department's Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons placed Zimbabwe on its Tier 2 Watchlist. The Office ranks nations based on their compliance with standards outlined in the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) of 2000. Tier 2 Watchlist Countries like Zimbabwe do not fully comply with TVPA’s minimum standards, but are making progress. Tier 2 countries have significant numbers of severe trafficking victims or have trafficking that's on the rise.

Join hands with the Carmelite NGO as we help people around the world in the areas of Education, Freedom of Belief, Human Rights and Sustainable Development. The Carmelite NGO, affiliated with the United Nations, was established in 2001 to help the men and women of the Carmelite Family create a more peaceful, just and loving world by advocating and caring for the spiritual and human needs of the family and the environment.

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